About the partners

Danish Technological Institute            

Danish Techological Institute is a not-for-profit organization, composed of specialists in a variety of scientific fields. Danish Technological Institutes purpose is to strengthen Danish business in meeting the technological and business challenges of the future.

Participants in RePURpose from Danish Technological Institute include:

  • Manja Behrens, ph.d., Head of section
  • Anders Lindhardt, ph.d., Senior Specialist
  • Josefine Karna Corfits Johansen, Consultant

Read more about Danish Technological Institute here.


Aarhus University        

Professor dr.scient. Troels Skrydstrup is an internationally recognized synthesis chemist who leads a research group at the University of Aarhus and aims to develop new chemical reactions for both the building and degradation of organic compounds.

Participants in RePURpose from Aarhus University include:

  • Troels Skydstrup, ph.d, Professor
  • Steffan Kristensen, ph.d, Post-doc

Read more about Aarhus University here.



ECCO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality shoes. ECCO owns virtually the entire value chain from leather and shoe production for private consumers. ECCO products are sold in 101 countries. ECCO is family owned, founded in Denmark in 1963 and employs 25,500 people worldwide.

Participants in RePURpose from ECCO include:

  • Thomas M. Gøgsig, Head of Applied Research
  • Sophia Sachse, Innovation Project Manager

Read more about ECCO here.



PLIXXENT A/S is a former subsidiary of one of the world's largest producers of raw materials in the polyurethane industry. Now, PLIXXENT is part of Europe's largest system house association and a leading expert in developing polyurethane formulations for the process industry.

Participants in RePURpose from Plixxent include:

  • Erik Larsen, R&D manager
  • Laura Juhl, Materials Scientist

Read more about Plixxent here.


H. J. Hansen         

H. J. Hansen is one of the largest recycling companies in Europe and receives large quantities of scrap every year, which is mainly processed at the shredder plant in Odense. In addition, large quantities of refrigeration furniture are received daily for reprocessing, which must be properly treated and sorted so that more than 80% is recycled. H.J. Hansen is constantly investing in new technology to be competitive and to make better use of resources for the benefit of the environment.

Participants in RePURpose from H. J. Hansen include:

  • Sophus Borch, Produktchef
  • Sabina Ricevuto, R&D projektleder

Read more about H. J. Hansen here.



Tinby A/S, part of SP Group, is Scandinavia's leading subcontractor of molded items in solid, foamed and flexible polyurethane and combinations thereof. Tinby A/S has an in-depth knowledge of materials technology used for the development of customer-specific solutions.

Participants in RePURpose from Tinby include:

  • Niels Bomholt, Head of Technical Department
  • Michael Therkelsen, Managing Director

Read more about Tinby here.



Logstor A/S is the world's leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems, with a constant focus on setting the standard for energy-efficient solutions.

Participants in RePURpose from Logstor include:

  • Tina Thomsen, Chemical Support Manager
  • Peter Rønbøg, Director Engineering and R&D

Read more about Logstor here.


TEMPUR, Dan-Foam         

TEMPUR is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mattresses and pillows with manufacturing sites, sales and distribution worldwide. TEMPUR is one of the leading users of polyurethane in Denmark and invests heavily in research and innovation to maintain their position as market leader.

Participants in RePURpose from TEMPUR include:

  • Tom Mikkelsen, Sr. Global category Manager
  • Simon Simonsen, Laboratory Manager
  • Morten B. Olsen, Chemical engineer and Data Scientist

Read more about TEMPUR here.